Other Games

Guess Who? Character Guessing Game

Have fun and play character guessing game with Child photos together. The aim of the game is to guess the child’s name in a secret card. Each player gets a game board that includes pictures of 12 people and their first names. Players ask various “yes” or “no” questions and try to guess who is the secret child.

Or a group can start sharing memories of children. And that’s just perfect.

Guess Who? Instructions and 12 Picture Game Boards

Choose 12 picture game boards if everybody has good eyesight.

Guess Who? 6 Picture Game Boards

These 6 picture game boards are easier to see. They have 6 pictures per page, and you can tape pages A + B together.


Printable Tetris

Printable Tetris coming in English, now available in Finnish.


10 Math Brain Teasers

Print brain teasers for pairs to solve. Or you can show them in screen for all group. You can find the answers in page 11. 10_Math_Brain_Teasers